CMON Paint Contest 23 Results Announcement & Introduction of Submi

CMON Paint Contest 23 Results Announcement & Introduction of Submi


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A painting contest held to commemorate the KICKSTARTER campaign!

We received a whopping 50 applications! Thank you very much.

Result announcement

Most voted winner: 1 person

Prize: "Cthulhu: Death Must Die Too - The Fear of the Unknown"
All-inclusive pledge and additional options set *Limited quantity options not included

Beauty Award (selected by staff) 1 person

Prize: Cthulhu ~Death Must Die Too~ "DMD Portfolio Art Book"

Special Award (selected by staff): 1 person

Prize: CMON Japan 2024 Lucky Bag

Voting Participant Gifts

During the voting period, we will be giving away prizes to those who vote on X!

Prize: A special CMON bag that can hold large games! (Not for sale)
+ Color Flash 5 people

* Prize shipping information will be sent via DM on X (formerly Twitter), so only those who can receive DMs (you must be following the @CMONJAPAN account) are eligible to participate.

List of submitted submissions

Entry No.001
Entry No.002
Entry No. 003
Entry No.004
Entry No.005
Entry No.006
Entry No.007
Entry No.008
Entry No.009
Entry No.010
Entry No.011
Entry No.012
Entry No.013
Entry No.014
Entry No.015
Entry No.016
Entry No. 017
Entry No. 018
Entry No.019
Entry No.020
Entry No.021
Entry No.022
Entry No.023
Entry No. 024
Entry No. 025
Entry No.026
Entry No.027
Entry No. 028
Entry No.029
Entry No. 030
Entry No.031
Entry No.032
Entry No. 033
Entry No.034
Entry No. 035
Entry No. 036
Entry No.037
Entry No. 038
Entry No.039
Entry No. 040
Entry No.041
Entry No.042
Entry No.043
Entry No. 044
Entry No. 045
Entry No.046
Entry No.047
Entry No. 048
Entry No.049
Entry No. 050
*If there are any applicants who have submitted their work but whose work is not listed here, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us using the inquiry form .