What is CMON?

CMON is an international company whose name is pronounced "Semon."

CMON began in 2001 as CoolMiniOrNot.com , a website where people could vote for the coolest painted miniatures, and the company name is an acronym for Cool Mini Or Not .

As the name "Cool Miniatures or Not?" suggests, the company has released games that use beautifully sculpted miniatures (figures), such as "Zombicide," "Massive Darkness," "Blood Rage," "Rising Sun," and "Cthulhu: Death May Die."

The company has now grown to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK: 1792).


In order to more smoothly deliver CMON's games to people in Japan, CMON JAPAN was established as a Japanese branch on August 1, 2022.

CMON has partnerships with manufacturers around the world and will distribute not only its own products but also other companies' games in Japan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people together through the power of immersive and engaging tabletop gaming experiences.

We aim to create games that provide memorable moments for players of all ages and backgrounds.

We make tabletop gaming accessible and fun for everyone, helping to build communities where people discover new worlds and foster friendships.

CMON boasts a globally distributed team of talented individuals from around the world that is the driving force behind our success: a harmonious blend of visionaries, designers, artists, and experts with a deep passion for tabletop gaming.

Many of the world's most renowned artists work with CMON to infuse the game with breathtaking visuals and captivating aesthetics.

With a shared commitment to delivering the best gaming experience, CMON's international workforce collaborates seamlessly to ensure every aspect of a game is exceptional, from design to production.

In Germany and other Western countries, board games are naturally enjoyed by all kinds of people, including couples, friends, and families of three generations. They have become a part of daily life, just like reading, movies, and sports. In Japan, board games are gradually becoming a part of daily life, but we are not yet at that stage.

CMON JAPAN is a newcomer who has just been born and is still taking its first steps, but we envision a future in which board games are integrated into everyday entertainment, and we will do our best to bring that ideal closer.

We appreciate your support.