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Break the rules with dice! Trick-taking game

"Mori" is the Latin word for death and the Japanese word for forest. Both of these interpretations are represented in the artwork of this card game.Mori is full of “tricky” decisions, as players manipulate their hand of cards by playing tricks and using the dice to find their way to the best possible score.

How to play

  • Each Led Suit Is Trumped By Another
    It's a relationship like rock-paper-scissors.

  • When you win a trick, take the dice
    Dice can be held onto for a powerful effect.
  • Cards have to follow suits, but dice don't
    Don't want to play a valuable card? That's what the dice are for.
  • Score!
    There are as many rounds as there are players, and the player with the most points wins.


Use Your Dice Well
It’s in the tagline of the game: “Dice Break The Rules.” Being able to choose not to follo w the lead suit when it’s advantageous to you can be huge! Don’t ignore collecting dice.

Manipulate the X’s
Having the most X’s is bad: they each count as one negative point. You might be able to feed your x cards to the perceived scoring leader.
However, having the second most gives you one point per X! Can you use this to your advantage?

Holding Onto Cards
Because you score cards left in hand, it can be a fun challenge to try and keep well-scoring cards not be pulled out by the trick-taking rules.

Complexity: 1.50 / 5
(The difficulty of understanding the game. From boardgamegeek.com's weight index)
Language dependency: None

*There are no plans to create a Japanese translation PDF for this product.
*Support for this product cannot be provided by the retailer. Please contact the manufacturer.

allplay Small Box collection

A game series packed into a small 12x12cm box!
With easy to play rules and play time, take them anywhere.
(Box thickness can vary)

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  • Game Design
    Daniel Newman
  • artwork
    Beth Sobel

Product Info
  • Game Design
    Daniel Newman
  • artwork
    Beth Sobel