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The perfect and ultimate stone block "Monolith" has existed since ancient times. Elders and prophets have tried to decipher its mystery, but in the end, only God knows the truth. Why don't you try building a monolith yourself?

Monolyth is a next-generation board game by Phil Walker Harding, featuring engaging gameplay where you combine different colored 3D polyominoes (blocks) to create unique structures.

You earn points by quickly completing structures, replicating the structure shown on your card, or fulfilling prophecies that require placing stones of certain colors in specific locations - and to be recognized as the best builder, you need to earn the most points.

"Monolyth" is a masterpiece board game that has been highly praised both in Japan and overseas, where you can enjoy unique gameplay using 3D polyominoes. Why don't you also build a wonderful structure that will amaze the gods?

[ Click here for the Japanese version of the rules ]

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