Crowdfunding announcement for the Japanese version of "Cthulhu: Death

Crowdfunding announcement for the Japanese version of "Cthulhu: Death

『クトゥルフ ~死もまた死すべし~ 未知の恐怖』日本語版クラウドファンディングのお知らせ

CMONJAPAN LLC (headquarters: Tokyo) will be using Kickstarter ( ) to run a crowdfunding campaign to localize CMON's (headquarters: Singapore) board game "Cthulhu: Death Also Dies: Terror of the Unknown" into Japanese with a host of bonuses.

The campaign will begin in December and you can pre-register here:

Product Details

Title: Cthulhu: Death May Die - Fear of the Unknown
Original manufacturer: CMON
Game Designers: Rob Daviau, Eric M. Lang
Number of players: 1-5 Playing time: 90 minutes Recommended ages: 14 and up

Campaign start date (planned): December 12, 2023

Contents (basic set only)

• 44 miniatures - 10 investigators - 10 cultists (3 types)
- 22 monsters - 2 Ancient Things • 5 investigator color bases • 10 investigator cards • 30 tentacle tokens • 53 tokens • 6 episode boxes • 2 Ancient Things boxes • 1 rulebook


The first season of the board game "Cthulhu: Death Also Dies" raised 360 million yen in a Kickstarter campaign in 2018, and is a popular title that has also received high praise from the American board game review site "Board Game Geek (BGG)."
The player takes on the role of an "investigator," whose ultimate goal is to thwart the cultists' ritual and defeat the "Ancient Ones" that have appeared.
In addition to the intricate and beautiful miniatures, it is also highly regarded as an excellent cooperative game, making for a very thrilling gameplay experience.
In addition, you can freely combine the "Episode Box" containing the scenario and the "Ancient Box" containing the final boss and his minions, allowing you to enjoy a variety of different gameplay experiences.

This campaign, "Cthulhu: Terror of the Unknown," is based on seasons 3 and 4 and is a standalone expansion.
The English campaign attracted over 20,000 backers, exceeding the number of backers in the first season.
The rules have been further refined, and the "Unknown Monster Board" and "Relic Cards" are included as additional rules. The difficulty can be adjusted higher by adding monsters to the "Unknown Monster Board", while the difficulty can be adjusted lower by players using the "Foreign Object Cards", which are powerful artifacts that appear in the Cthulhu Mythos.
Of course, it also includes the new "Episode Box" and "Ancient Things Box," and many other items that can only be obtained during this campaign period (December 12th to December 29th).