CMON Expo to be held in Thailand again this year

CMON Expo to be held in Thailand again this year


*This release is an announcement by CMON Limited, translated and announced for the Japanese market by CMON JAPAN, its Japanese branch.

CMON Limited (based in Singapore) is pleased to announce the return of CMON Expo - CMON Expo Bangkok - on November 4-5 at Samyan Mitrtown in Bangkok, Thailand. The event is a two-day board game extravaganza that brings the world's best tabletop experiences directly to Asia. Publishers from Europe, America and Asia, as well as CMON, will be showcasing their latest demos and debuting new games. With over 2,500 square meters of event space, this will be the largest CMON EXPO ever. There will also be official tournaments with fantastic prizes, as well as game designers to meet and mingle with fans, sign autographs, play games, and more.

Targeted at board game fans in Asia, the event hopes to bring together all Asian people who love board games, including casual gamers, families and hobby veterans.

Publishers from 12 countries around the world will participate, including Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, France, Germany, Poland, Finland and the United States.

Scheduled vendors and publishers include CMON Studio, AEG, IELLO, Board and Dice, Feuerland, Tabletop Tycoon, Oink, Portal Games, Blue Orange, Klask, Tower Tactic Games, Japon Brand, Mandoo Games, Solis Game Studio, Capital Gains Studio, Mitra Nirwana Games, Sabobatage, Meeple in Saigon, Alchymyst, etc. Oink Games and Japon Brand will be participating from Japan.

Special guests will include CMON designer Fabio Cury (Marvel Zombies, Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game), Spiel des Jahres winning designer Randy Flynn (Cascadia, Cascadia Landmarks), and debut designer Matthias Wigge (Ark Nova, Ark Nova: Marine Worlds).

CMON Expo is also the host of the Eureka Board Game Designer Awards, an annual design competition for aspiring board game designers, with CMON promising to publish the winning designs.

CMON Expo attendees will also have the opportunity to take part in Zombicide's never-ending campaign, the Zombicide Experience, a drop-in/drop-out event where participants can earn XP and win exclusive loot and prizes throughout the event.

Additionally, the A Song of Ice & Fire: The Miniatures Game Realms of Battle Asia Invitational Tournament will be held over two days, with the game's top players battling for the championship.

Miniature painting enthusiasts can also enter the Crystal Brush Awards, being held for the first time in Asia, with entries and judging across six categories, and winners receiving a trophy and cash prizes of up to $2,000.

For tickets, event schedules and more, please visit the CMON Expo Bangkok official website ( ) or follow the CMON Expo Facebook page ( ).

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