Announcement of CMONJAPAN's new product "Ancient Knowledge"

Announcement of CMONJAPAN's new product "Ancient Knowledge"


CMONJAPAN LLC (headquarters: Tokyo) will release the Japanese version of Iello's board game "Ancient Knowledge" on February 25, 2024.

You are the last surviving members of an ancient civilization and the ancient founders of this world. As a rare entity who has inherited centuries of knowledge, you have led your people through generations since the Stone Age and will leave your immortal name in history. You must never let the flame of ancient knowledge go out!

  • An exhilarating "tableau building" system
  • A versatile resource
  • 189 completely different cards

Ancient Knowledge is a strategy game for 2-4 players. The goal is to build a game engine (tableau) that changes over time.
At the end of your turn, each monument you play will shift one level to the left and eventually turn into a ruin.
Control the timing of when your ruins become ruins, acquire new skills, pass on your knowledge to future generations, and become a victor who transcends time and space.

[Reviewer's comments]

"Each time you play a card, a special effect occurs and your abilities expand. However, cards have a limited lifespan and gradually disappear. It's a new sensation that requires you to determine the timing and lifespan of the card."

"There are tens of thousands of possible combinations. The excitement and intrigue grows with each play! While balancing knowledge, ruins, and technological development, pure fun springs forth one after another!"

【Product Details】

Japanese title: Ancient Knowledge Original title: Ancient Knowledge
Original manufacturer: Iello
Game Designer: Remy Mathieu

Number of players: 2-4
Play time: 30 minutes/number of people Age: 12 and up

Expected release date: February 25, 2024
Estimated price: 7,000 yen (excluding tax)

Product page:


148 large cards (63mm x 88mm)
45 small cards (44mm x 63mm)
1 First Person Marker
50 Knowledge/Lost Tokens
3 Technology Boards
1 score sheet
1 rule manual