Let's play in English Campaign!

Let's play in English Campaign!


The items will be shipped on June 10, 2024.

Campaign period: May 17, 2024 to June 9, 2024 23:59

From May 17, 2024 to June 9, 2024 we will have 2 new English games per week on pre-order.
They will all ship on June 10, 2024.

After your first purchase, you will receive a "Combination Coupon" equivalent to the shipping cost.

By using this coupon, you will be able to purchase additional items without additional shipping charges. The coupon can also be used on regular products.

All products purchased using the coupon will be shipped together on June 10th.

You will be able to use the "Combination Coupon" any number of times up until 29:59 on June 9th.

List of selected games

The rainy season is a great time to play board games indoors.
Why not try studying English with your Japanese fellow players while you're at it?