Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 1: "Human Banner Spear"

Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 1: "Human Banner Spear"


The Japanese version of "Frosthaven" has been very well received.

In Frosthaven, each player continues to use one character and progresses through multiple scenarios.

Characters will become stronger as they level up by acquiring items and experience points.

Mercenary characters have a "personal quest" that they want to accomplish, and once that is accomplished, they retire from mercenary duties, say goodbye to their party members, and move on with their lives (though the character class itself can be reused as a different person).

However, as you progress through the story, 11 more character classes will be unlocked, and you can choose and use new character classes from among them to continue your adventure in the northern region.

Over the next six posts, we will introduce the six character classes that you can choose from when starting the game.
Please wait until spring 2025 while imagining which class you will play in!

Human Banner Spear

Human Banner Spear Illustration

Ease of use: ★★
Good at defense, close range, and support

In fact, he is the only human among the initial characters. He is a Banner Spear, or flag spear user, who has tenaciously survived and continues to fight in Frosthaven, the northernmost outpost.

A versatile class that can both attack and support allies.
If you and your allies' positions meet certain conditions, you can launch a variety of area attacks.

You can summon a Confidant to prepare for the attacks mentioned above, reduce enemy attacks, or provide various other types of support!

Ability Card: Risk Your Life
Additionally, you can summon several different types of Banners to strengthen yourself and nearby allies.

[Recommended for these people]
・I want to support my allies. ・I want to defeat the enemy together with my friends. ・I want a protagonist-like character.

Banner Spear MiniatureBanner Spear Character Mat Back

Banner Spear Character Mat Front
Frosthaven - Japanese edition

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

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