Frosthaven Early Character Introduction 6: Geminate of Harrower

Frosthaven Early Character Introduction 6: Geminate of Harrower

『フロストヘイヴン』初期キャラクター紹介6 「ハロワーのジェミネイト」

We are currently accepting early reservations for the Japanese version of Frosthaven, and we are introducing the six character classes that will be available in the early stages!

Here's what we'll be introducing in the final episode!

Harrower Geminate

Geminate animation

Ease of use: ★★★★★
Good at close range and shooting

A "harrower" is actually a colony of thousands of insects.

Usually they integrate their intelligences and converge into one entity, but in extremely rare cases they do not converge and instead become "geminates," or "doubles," with two wills competing yet harmonious.

Geminate can repeatedly transition between two "states": "Bullet (close-range attack & defense)" and "Shooting (long-range attack & support)". (The miniature also switches!)

Many of the abilities can only target enemies within the specified range, and other effects that increase or decrease the range do not apply, so you'll need to fight appropriately.

While other characters have 10 or fewer ability cards in their hand, Geminate has 7 cards for each form, giving him a total of 14 ability cards to use.

When you execute this ability, if the following "Transfer Symbol" is displayed, you will be forced to transfer to the other state (even if you execute multiple Transfer Symbols in the same turn, you will only be able to transfer once).

Transference symbol 1Transference symbol 2

You can also use this to set up powerful combos that span different stances!
For example, you can combine the shooting form "Into My Embrace" with a card with a slow action order to attract the enemy and then transition to the human form.

"Into My Embrace" Cards

In the next round, move quickly and hit hard using your human form, "Thorn Colony in Ice."

"Ice Ecology" Card

Some abilities do not have a transfer symbol, so be careful not to get stuck in one state. If you do not have two or more cards in your current state at the start of your turn (if you choose to play a card instead of taking a long rest), you will be eliminated.

If you perform a long rest, you can recover the cards you used and transfer to another state, but it would be a waste to perform a long rest if you have many cards left in your hand for the other state! In other words, it is important to play so that the number of cards in your hand for each state is equal.

If you've read this far, you might be thinking, "Wow, that seems difficult..." In fact, the Geminate class is considered to be the most difficult to play among the classes in Frosthaven, but it also has many powerful abilities and is a versatile class that can be used in a wide range of situations.

You'll feel a great sense of accomplishment when you play well, so be sure to give it a try!

[Recommended for these people]

  • Those who can thoroughly manage their hand and strategize
  • Able to respond immediately to situations
  • I like characters with two sides, like "Jekyll and Hyde"

Geminate Miniature

Geminate character mat back

Geminate character mat front

Cephalofair Games, the original developer, has a more detailed explanation. (English)

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

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