Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 5: "Valras Deathwalker"

Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 5: "Valras Deathwalker"

『フロストヘイヴン』初期キャラクター紹介5 「ヴァルラスのデスウォーカー」

 We are currently accepting early reservations for the Japanese version of Frosthaven, and we are introducing the six character classes that will be available in the early stages!
This time it's this!

Varras' Deathwalker

Deathwalker animation

Ease of use: ★★★
Good at tangles and long-distance attacks

Deathwalkers are there to rescue the souls of the dead and guide them to rest, but in Frosthaven, death is always close by, so their work is never done.

Playing as a Deathwalker is of medium complexity in Frosthaven, as they use a unique mechanic called Shadow Tokens to attack from a distance, which requires a different view of the board than other classes.

A lost soul, the Shadow can move around the map unhindered by terrain or enemies, ignoring most obstacles except wall lines.

And "Deathwalker" can attack enemies directly from "Shadow". It's a very useful ability, but in order to properly place and utilize "Shadow", you need to predict several turns ahead and know where the battle will take place.

Also, most of the actions only move the "Shadow" or himself, so if "Deathwalker" is constantly controlling the "Shadow" on the battlefield, he will remain stationary. For this reason, the ability to transfer himself to the "Shadow" is very important.

"Sunless Manifestation" Card
To use these abilities effectively, be sure to have at least one Shadow in each room.

Most of the cards in Deathwalker use Shadows - moving Shadows, attacking from Shadows, or consuming Shadows for abilities or bonuses. However, there are only a few cards that can actually place Shadows.

Among these, "Call to the Abyss" is a "Shadow" placement ability that you can rely on throughout the scenario.
"Call to the Abyss" Cards

"Deathwalker" takes some time from the start of battle until the "Shadow" placement is complete, but once a large number of "Shadows" are placed, it is a powerful class that can act flexibly.

[Recommended for these people]

  • People who like to trap enemies in hunting and simulation games
  • Those who want to deal massive damage to enemies from a distance while remaining in a safe zone
  • Those who want to fly around a battlefield remodeled to their own advantage

Deathwalker miniature

Deathwalker character mat back

Deathwalker character mat front

Cephalofair Games, the original developer, has a more detailed explanation. (English)

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

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