Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 4: "Inox Drifter"

Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 4: "Inox Drifter"


We are currently accepting early reservations for the Japanese version of Frosthaven, and we are introducing the six character classes that will be available in the early stages!
This time it's this!

Inox Drifter

Drifter animation

Ease of use: ★
Specializes in close-combat, shooting, support, and defense

As a rite of passage, the Inox tribe sends young warriors on a year-long journey of self-discovery. As a result, those who decide to live away from their homeland become "Drifters."

The "Drifter" can play a wide range of roles, including close-range attacks, long-range attacks, support, and defense. It's up to you to decide how you will use the "Drifter".

However, once you have decided on your direction, playing in scenario battles is simple, making it the easiest class to use among Frosthaven's initial classes.

"Drifters" have many abilities that can give bonuses to their attack power, movement speed, etc. When you use an ability, move the card from your hand to the "ongoing" area and place a token on the first "permanent bonus circle" printed on the card.

Each time the bonus is activated, make sure to move the token one space in the direction of the arrow. When the token passes through the XP icon ✸, you will gain that amount of XP. When the token moves beyond the last circular space, the duration of the bonus ends.

"Weight in Your Fists" Card
Many bonuses can be activated up to six times, but many also have the ability to return tokens, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of the bonus for quite a long time.

"Unbreakable" Cards

[Recommended for these people]

  • Those who simply want to be active in all areas
  • Ability to plan and manage expenses and income
  • Those who want to put on makeup properly before going out
    (Be sure to play permanent bonus cards in the first round!)

Drifter Miniatures

Drifter character mat back

Drifter character matte surface

Cephalofair Games, the original developer, has a more detailed explanation. (English)

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

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