Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 3: Hadesar's Boneshaper

Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 3: Hadesar's Boneshaper


We are currently accepting early reservations for the Japanese version of Frosthaven, and we are introducing the six character classes that will be available in the early stages!
This time it's this!

Hadesar's Boneshaper

Ease of use: ★★★★
Skilled at controlling summoned beasts

Boneshaper animation illustration

"Hadesar" is a former human who has lost his physical body. He draws power from other dimensions and bestows it on living things, or those who were once living things, in this world.

Playing Boneshaper is like playing an engine-building game.
Players can summon a large number of disposable and reusable summoned beasts, such as the "Shaking Skeleton," and fight like an army.

"Life from Death" Cards

Summoned beasts act automatically based on the monster action guidelines, so players must understand these action guidelines. Therefore, the difficulty of playing them is medium among the classes in Frosthaven.

Summoned beasts not only attack, but also absorb damage from enemies.

"Boneshaper" can perform a variety of abilities, such as strengthening and healing allies and summoned creatures, but most of these abilities deal damage to himself. Since he does not have many self-healing abilities, "Flow of the Black River", which can recover HP for each summoned creature, is an important ability.

Ability card "The Black River Flow"

[Recommended for these people]

  • I like engine building games
  • I want to use a lot of summoned beasts.
  • Want to fight alongside Banner Spear (Banner Spear is a great match for Banner Spear, who needs a companion piece)

Boneshaper miniature

Bone Shaper character mat back

Bone Shaper Character Mat - Front

Cephalofair Games, the original developer, has a more detailed explanation. (English)

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

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