Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 2: Quatril's Blinkblade

Frosthaven - Initial Character Introduction 2: Quatril's Blinkblade


We are currently accepting early reservations for the Japanese version of Frosthaven, and we are introducing the six character classes that will be available in the early stages!
This time it's this!

Quatril's Blink Blade

Blink Blade character illustration animation

Ease of use: ★★★★★
Good at close range and maneuvering

A small-sized Quatril melee assassin, she uses an experimental Quatril "time machine" to manipulate the flow of time, allowing her to move faster than the naked eye can see, but her effects are fleeting, and come at a cost.

Blink Blade's "Ability Card" lists two types of actions: "Preemptive" (left side, green) and "Delay" (right side, orange).

Each round you choose whether to use a "preemptive" or "delay" ability.

In "Preemptive Strike," you can take multiple actions quickly using "Time Tokens."

On the other hand, "Delay" doesn't allow you to take as powerful an action, but it does allow you to replenish your "Time Tokens."

Since you can only have a maximum of two "Time Tokens" at the start of the game, it is very important to decide when to use "Preemptive" and "Delay" abilities.

The amount of information, such as actions and action orders, written on the Ability Cards is nearly twice as much as other classes, and since it is necessary to read it and make decisions, Blink Blade is the most difficult class to play in Frosthaven.

However, the feeling of exhilaration when you make a bold move and wipe out the enemies before them at a crucial moment is exceptional!

Recommended for:

  • Those who want to master complex classes
  • Those who want to manipulate time to kill someone with one hit
  • How to get excited about small races
Blinkblade miniatureBlink Blade Character Mat - Back
Blink Blade Character Mat - Front
Frosthaven - Japanese edition

Frosthaven - Japanese edition

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